Transitions, the Price of Love

Ariaa Jaeger
3 min readFeb 19, 2023

Energy is tangible and is felt by the most attuned soul and the least awake/aware ones all over the world. Many call it empathy; some call it telepathy but most call it energy and the power of intention. Like an arrow the most intense emotions, love, hate, fear, doubt, negativity and self-loathing, self-pity, jealously, envy, anger, rivet through the universe spastically leaving a field of dark matter in their path.

When someone is dying whether human or animal or beloved pet, they feel you more intensely, their guard is down during sickness or old age. Your grief can hold them in body, especially pets who want to please you. I’ve had 6 pets die in my arms, all of natural causes, since 1998 and all my family has long since passed with one exception. Some took a week others just hours to leave, all in a very short time frame. I feel that is partially due to the fact that I stay stoic and think only of their feelings, comforting them and coaxing them to let go and soar with the angels.

I do not grieve the dead while they are still living; thankfully selfish has never been in my nature. I know many may find that statement harsh, it’s not meant to be. Many grieve while their loved one or pet is dying but I always milk every moment until the moments are gone. I stare into the eyes of my beloved and speak softly to them, how thankful I am for having had the honor to love and care for them. What a beautiful blessing their love has been to my life, how much joy they’ve given me. I thank them and because part of my work is as a cellular memory pioneer and multi-incarnation regression therapist, I tell them they are always welcome to return to me when they are ready.

I’ve learned to love with enormous passion, selflessness, mindfulness and thoughtfulness, setting my own grief aside to make the transition of my beloved easier and as painless as possible. I don’t want to be the reason someone or a beloved pet suffers and lingers. I know I will see them again, I know my days of grieving are ahead and will be plentiful. Love and energy lift a soul while grieving holds it to the earth, even after they are gone.

Weep for time, let your sorrow, loss, longing and heartache consume you…for a time; then let go and know that mourning is for the living. The dead are emotion free and enjoying a paradisiacal world in the heavenly beyond. Death is a part of life and it behooves us all to learn how to facilitate the transition of those we love with grace. ~ Ariaa Jaeger,

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