Time. The Precious Gift Seniors Have Lost During Covid-19

Ariaa Jaeger
3 min readOct 25, 2020

The world was put on hold while the Corona-virus invaded every country and cities across America. Most world leaders were locking down businesses and implementing mandatory mask laws to curtail the spread of this deadly beast, while in America, Trump was ignoring it, playing it down for political purposes and still golfing on the taxpayer’s dollar.

As a woman of a certain age I am not just appalled but I am dismayed. Time is a precious gift to most but especially to those over 60 given the average national statics; in America the average life expectancy for a woman is age 81 and for men it is age 77. In other countries like Africa it is as low as age 62 in some areas. Time is not a commodity you can trade or barter for and being stuck inside a house for eight months has given many of us time to reflect.

Consider this:

· Weddings were cancelled, many lost their deposits.

· Funerals were cancelled, many were buried alone.

· Graduation was cancelled, a once in a lifetime event for most students who were given a lackluster send off.

· Vacations were cancelled just when stress was at its highest peak.

· Visiting your parents or grandparents in a retirement home was forbidden.

· Being at the hospital bedside of your dying loved one was forbidden.

· Children going to school, teachers, waitresses and so many others found themselves without a job or income.

· Colleges were shut down, many refusing to refund the tuition or dormitory fees prepaid by the students.

· Hospitals forfeited elective surgery to take care of the dying and sick.

· Bills, mortgages, rent all went unpaid along with other necessities.

· We’ve lost the physical connection, the ability to hug and hold each other which is invaluable to health and well-being.

We’ve witnessed a quarter of a million Americans die and every day we are reminded of the grim toll this pandemic has taken on health care workers, doctors and morgues. The families of those lost weren’t allowed to say goodbye, weren’t allowed to attend funerals or publically mourn their loved ones. Trump’s rhetoric continued to assault those grieving and sick daily, as he mocked the virus and anyone wearing a mask.



Ariaa Jaeger

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