How To Allow Your Pet to Die a Natural Death

Ariaa Jaeger
3 min readAug 21, 2023

Never put an animal down for your own comfort or at all if you have the strength and courage because if they were in the wild they would die a natural death. Never grieve before they’re dead because that holds them to the body.

When my pet is dying I always allow them to die on their own terms and try to make them as comfortable as it’s possible until that time. Painkillers and drugging them makes it difficult for them to free themselves from the body. When one of mine is transitioning, I never leave my home, not for a minute. Instead I hold my fur baby non-stop reassuring him or her that it’s okay to let go and that I will see them again. I never panic, I never cry, I stay stoic to selflessly free them from their own body. When my baby dies and more than six of them have died natural deaths in my arms in 67 years, I am always there holding them and with them until the very last breath.
I urge all of you to do the same. do not put your pets down if you can avoid it instead let them die on their own terms but make them as comfortable as possible.

Give them chicken, turkey, steak, ground beef, treats, anything safe for them to eat like their last meals should be. Carry them to their favorite park or to the beach and let them drink in the atmosphere. Carry them into your backyard where they played so happily and let your other pets smell them while they are making their transition and after they die. Animals know the smell of death and it helps them adjust easier.

Pet Rescue Remedy, Bleeding Heart flower essence, Angels trumpet flower essence, are all very helpful in facilitating transition in animals. For the other animals in your household, add a few drops of Bleeding Heart and Rescue Remedy to their water for a week or two to help with their grief. You can buy all of these things on Amazon and a week or two before they pass begin administering that and CBD oil. It will make the transition far easier.

Remember it’s not about you, it’s about them so make it about them; be a caretaker, a nurturer, be a comforter, be a giver, don’t think about your own heartache and pain but instead thank him for the life they’ve given you, for the joy they brought you and for the love they lavishly poured out on you. Call in the angels and they will appear to help lift your baby out. Tell your beloved baby it’s okay to go, give them permission to let go and assure them you will see them again, then free them to die peacefully. It’s the humane and loving thing to do.

Me and my beloved doggie Pokemon July 27, 2012 the day he died.



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