Give Your Power to Nothing Small

Or how to make 2020 your best year ever!

Ariaa Jaeger


As we approach 2020 live each day with abandon. Let go of the inertia, embrace the potent, find the power within, strengthen your weaknesses, heal your woes and change your attitude about anything and everything which limits you. Give your power to nothing small.

If you have little money, change your attitude toward that little piece of paper and stop making it a monster.

If you have no partner, use this time alone to master self. Learn you, heal you, discover your gifts and develop them.

If you are sick, try something new, like addressing your emotional wounds which is what makes one sick to begin with. Heal yourself with love and insight, with forgiveness and letting go of that which weighs your spirit.

If you are lonely, interact with strangers at the grocery store, make new friends by being open and attracting those who are like-minded. Focus on quality not quantity.

If you are depressed, talk to those who have overcome it. Try holistic approaches or find a counselor like myself who addresses and assists in helping you access past life connections which have fed or are at the core of the depression.

If you are impoverished, fill each day with gratitude and watch your world change and abundance grow. Change your perception about money, stop saying you don’t have any or you “need” this or that. The gift is only as good as the receiver, be a great vessel for prosperity and everything you want will come.

If you are angry, heal it before it kills you. Anger strips away joy and feeds disease. Stop blaming and take personal responsibility for attracting, creating or participating in drama.

If you cannot forgive, don’t expect people to be kind to you and don’t expect them to forgive you. Forgiveness is liberating and forgiving yourself essential for well-being. Nothing that happens is worth ruminating or stewing over. Grow a thicker skin and don’t let anything or anyone rob you of your joy.

If you are bitter, remember no one owes you anything and every kindness is a gift, a blessing. Take nothing for granted, appreciate everything. Bitterness also makes you physically ugly, it alters your face, attacks your body and ages you. What you wear on the inside shows on the outside.



Ariaa Jaeger

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